Monday, September 7, 2009

Car Seat Jumble

When we first put Rory's car seat in our car, we put it behind the passenger seat and put Bruce's behind the driver's seat. This made everyone happy except for the person sitting in the passenger seat who was forced to sit with knees pressed up against the air bag compartment, silently praying that the car NOT get in a wreck.

Dave and I fought over who got to drive for the better part of two months. Normally I drive, but his long legs were harder to cram in such a small place. (Mine weren't that much easier, especially considering that I'm bigger around!)

A few weeks ago, all the men in our extended family went on a camping trip. Our car was needed to haul Dave's brother and nephew, so we had to take Rory's car seat out of the back to make room. When I put her car seat back in, I decided to try putting it in the middle of the back seat. This way the car seat fit between the two front seats, allowing us to scoot back and stretch out. (And I got to start driving again!)

The only person who didn't neccessarily benefit from this new arrangement was Bruce, as he was squished between Rory's large seat and the door. I asked Bruce how he felt about the new arrangement before I actually hooked the seats in, and to my relief, he said he liked it! He adores his little sister and was thrilled to be able to sit closer to her.

There are additional benefits, as well. Since she has someone to look at back there, she usually stays awake and engaged which is great for keeping her nap schedule on track! When she cries, Bruce is right there to talk or sing to her, or just to provide her with the momentary relief a pacifier can bring. She loves watching her older brother and I am really happy that they can have a special time together. The bite-sized responsibility is good for Bruce, too. I can tell he likes being able to be the one to care for her and attend to her while we aren't physically able to do so.

So for now, this works. And soon enough, she'll be a year old and we can turn her seat around!

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