Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I often times wonder how Rory's personality will develop and what the similarities and differences will be compared to Bruce. Everything has been completely different with Rory than it was with Bruce. When Bruce was a baby, we didn't leave the house much. We went shopping at Walmart (he was usually asleep in his car seat) and stayed at home. Sometimes we would venture to the mall or to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Rory has been on the go as long as I've been on the go!

Rory goes to Walmart (either being carried by me, or in the sling... we don't have a removeable carseat this time around) she goes to the park, she goes to Grandma and Grandpa's, she goes to Starbucks and Saturday Market... she goes where we go. And because we have a 3 year old, it's not really fair to stop going places just because we have a baby.

So far, she handles all the stimulation really well. We've never had an over-stimulated night. You know, where the baby cries and cries and won't settle down. They have entirely too much going on in their brains and they can't process it at all. Those were bad nights with Bruce. I'm wondering if those nights will come with Rory when she's a little older, but I'm really not sure if they will at all!

I'm starting to think that keeping the baby at home all the time might partially cause over-stimulation. It seems like it would be overwhelming to go from the quiet routine of being home to the noise and lights and hustle-bustle of the world.

Either way, only time will tell.

Me and Rory at DeMeyer Park

Nina and Rory at Starbucks

Looking at the playground at Municipal Park

She really takes everything in

So adorable.

I won't ever take her to a movie theater, though. Not until she's old enough to be enjoying the movie (like 3). It's just inappropriate.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh No!!!

Today I was browsing people on Myspace. Not something I'm proud to admit, but I do it on occasion when I'm particularly bored. A dialogue box popped up informing me that my system was at risk, and I needed to download anti-virus software. Naturally, I clicked "Cancel." A few seconds after I clicked, my webpage redirected and this is what I saw:

It's funny because I'm running Linux.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Original Layout!

I was recently talking to Dave about how I felt kind of lame for having a pre-made blogger layout. It's not something that I really concerned myself with, but I thought it might be nice to have something a little more... original. He offered to draw a masthead for me. We sat together and brainstormed and somehow we got to talking about an anime we used to watch.

It is a wonderful series called Record Of Lodoss War. After every episode, they have a cartoony segment where cutesy anime versions of the characters basically recap the episode. They are everything I love about anime: buggy, sparkling eyes; high-pitched, squealing voices; frenetic, behavior.

Dave suggested (probably jokingly) that he draw our family in that style. I enthusiastically agreed. My husband is a great artist, and I jump at any chance to have him create something for me. It is incredibly flattering that he would spend his time creating an image for me! So here you have it! My family-- in anime form!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The 'Stache Men

These came from an egg machine at Hastings 50 cents apiece.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Photo Update

There have been lots of things that have happened recently that I've wanted to post a blog and pictures about. But now I'm too far behind, and I'll never catch up with all the things I want to say, so I'm just going to share my favorite photos.

Bruce has a really silly fake smile. He was thrilled to get to hold his sister, but not so thrilled when I continually pestered him to look at me and smile. Rory's face is equally hilarious.

Dave took this picture. I love it. Me and my babies.

Here's Bruce and Max. Max is a puppy Dave bought for Bruce a while ago. Max is special because sometimes Max is a girl, and sometimes a boy. She started out as a boy, but somewhere about 6 months ago, Bruce decided Max was a girl. He has adamantly demanded that we refer to her has 'she' from now on.

Rory sucks her thumb on occasion and I happen to think it is the most adorable thing ever. I don't care what anyone says. Most of the time when she sucks her thumb, her palm is completely open and covering her face. It's even cuter.

We took the kids to Kathryn Albertson park a couple times in the last couple of weeks. I took the mandatory posed photo in front of the fake fountain.

Me and my wonderful, handsome husband.

Bruce being a superhero. Proudly defending our flag.

Bruce waiting for the Liberty Day Parade to start.

A sea of light blue. We didn't actually plan this. From left: Heather, Valerie, Me, Charisse.

Bruce playing in the fountain. I wasn't actually there when this picture was taken. Nina and Austin took Bruce to the fountain while I fed the baby nearby.

Bruce was a fireman while we were lighting fireworks on the fourth of July.

I was very disappointed with the quality of this sparkler.

My boys playing with fire. And is that... a SMILE on Dave's face?!! Unreal!!!

This is the kind of husband I have:

Bruce covered my eyes when we lit one of the fountains. I think he said that he was going to protect me from the fire.

Slow shutter speed makes for awesome fireworks photos.

Love that dimple. Both kids have it. Only recently discovered they inherited it from me:

The End!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Labor and Delivery

Okay. There are a lot of things that I want to post on this blog. (If I could ever find the time to!) So I better start at the beginning... the labor story.

On June 10th (3 weeks ago today!) I went in to the hospital for a 7am induction. I was scared out of my mind because I don't particularly like hospitals. That coupled with the fact that birthing a baby is pretty darn scary, well, you get the idea. Dave and I showed up, signed in, and within a few minutes we were taken back to our room. I changed into a lovely hospital gown and hopped on the delivery bed. Before I knew it I was hooked up to an I.V. and the fluids and Pitocin were started. I was surprised by how little the I.V. hurt.

After that, all we could do was wait. The nurse would come in and check on us every 30 minutes, and during that check a few things would happen. She would ask me how my pain level was, increase the amount of Pitocin being fed into my I.V. drip, and she'd assist me in going to the bathroom. That was one of the more frustrating aspects of the induced labor. Since I was on Pitocin, they had to hook monitors up to my belly. One was the fetal heart rate monitor, and the other was to monitor how strong my contractions were. These monitors were hooked up to the computer about 4 feet away. So everytime I went to the bathroom (which was a lot, I drank TONS of water the night before) she had to unhook the cables to the monitors, and we had to slide the machine that metered out the Pitocin drip over to the bathroom with me. After I finished, we had to go back across the room and get everything hooked back up and in place properly. (Not fun!)

At about 1:30pm, my doctor came in to break my water. He used a thing that was basically a latex glove finger, and it had a small hook that looked like a dried out rose thorn. I googled and googled and googled. Couldn't find a picture. It was terrifying looking! He was standing next to me talking as he put the thing on his finger and then out of nowhere he said, "Now see? I'm going to use this thing that has a hook on the end to break your water." At first I didn't know what he was showing me so I looked eagerly. When I saw what it actually was though, I shuddered and looked away. I had expected an actual tool. A crochet hook. Something. Not that. Now, I'll spare you the gory details and just say that my cervix was rather high. And the doctor had a hard time reaching it. And an even worse time breaking my water. And it was the worst part of the whole delivery. As the doctor was attempting to break the water, he told me that I was dilated to 2.5cm. 5 hours into the process. 5 hours of Pitocin. 5 hours of discomfort. All I had to show for it was a .5cm increase.

My doctor told me that there was a slight chance that the baby just wouldn't engage in my pelvis. "She might be too big," he told me. "She might just not come down. You know that I don't say this lightly, but we might have to have a C-section." He said we would continue to wait and see what happened, but he wanted me to be prepared that a C-section was a possibility. At that point, I had to consider my options. I started considering getting an epidural at that point. My thought process went something like this:

I've been here for hours, and I've not progressed. It's not going to be time to push for hours and hours. Do I want to spend the whole day here in increasing pain?

If I have to have a C-section, I'll have to have an epidural. I will have endured incredible pain ALL DAY, just for them to give me an epidural followed by a C-section. What a waste!

If I have to have a C-section, I'll be a nervous wreck (What's scarier than getting cut open while you are still conscious?! I admire Katie for the seeming lack of terror she possessed!) I'll be an even bigger wreck if I have to be wheeled off to have a C-section AND an epidural. Might as well get the epidural now...

I informed the nurse that I had decided to get an epidural, and before I had time to process that I was about to have a giant needle stuck in my spine the anesthesiologist was there! She inserted numbing agent in my back (which really was the most painful part of the process) and then inserted the needle and catheter in my spine. The needle didn't hurt so much as it just. felt. wrong. Like, my nerves felt gross while it was in there. One of those dull aches that just leaves you feeling a little creeped out. But after the epidural... I was in heaven.

The epidural started working almost instantly. I laid down and my legs felt like they were wrapped in clouds. I was so happy. Laying my head on the pillow was the best feeling in the whole world. A later side effect of the epidural was that my skin began to itch. But it wasn't an irritating mosquito bite itch. It was a delicious itch. It felt so good to scratch. Not even scratch, just kind of gently tickle with my fingernails. I found myself inadvertently skritching my chest and my belly. So after I got my epidural, I just laid around for hours and hours. Every 30 minutes the nurse would come in and help me roll over. I tried to nap, but it was rather hard to with the blood pressure cuff testing me every 15 minutes!

Then around 8pm, I started to feel nauseous. I was really hungry because I hadn't been allowed to eat all day. Then the nurse checked me again and called the doctor because I was completely dilated. I pushed for about 15 minutes. I rested for about 15 minutes. I pushed for another 5 or so minutes until the baby's head was visible. Then I waited for the doctor, which took about another 10 minutes. Doctor got there and I pushed 3 times. He told me to stop pushing, and he slowly eased the baby out. It was such an incredible experience.

Rory Anne officially made her entrance into the world on June 10th at 9:01pm. She weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces and she was 21 inches long. She's a delightful baby and I've loved every minute of the last three weeks.