Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today is my 24th birthday! The past year has been so great, and I wanted to just take a minute to recap all the great stuff that happed while I was 23.

•I quit my job in preparation for being a stay at home mom.

•We bought a house, and not only that but we got a great house and an even better interest rate on our mortgage.

•I spent a lot of time bonding and connecting with my mother in law. We've always been really close, but I'm thankful that we've had the chance to become even closer.

•I had my second (and final) child. A beautiful girl with a feisty personality. She has rounded out the dynamic in our family perfectly.

•We paid off all our credit card debt

•I evaluated challenging relationships in my life and weeded out people who were negative impacts.

•I made a lot of great new friends who I enjoy having in my life.

And I can't forget the material things that made my life a little better this year. My new iPhone, flat screen tv, TiVo HD, front loading washer and dryer, and a new comfy bed! :D

Here's hoping this year will be every bit as good as the last!

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